The Bay and Basin Community Nipper Club was established in 2016 by a group of dedicated volunteers who saw the need to provide the youth in our area with a program that empowered them with water safety knowledge and skills that last a life time. Our mission was to bring the community together in a fun, healthy, participation and community focused program set amongst the beautiful beaches of our local area.

With the Bay and Basin Community Nippers Club, your child will have fun and meet new friends during the Sunday morning events and over the years they will also:

  • Learn about health and safety issues
  • Learn about surf and rescue skills
  • Develop the concepts of teamwork, camaraderie and leadership
  • Have the opportunity to train and exercise across many surf sport disciplines
  • Enjoy positive lifesaving experience with friends in a structured and supervised way

We hope you and your child enjoy the Bay and Basin Community Nipper Club experience. Our aim is to facilitate “Safe Family Fun Days”¬†for all to enjoy.


We look forward to seeing you on the Beach.

The Bay and Basin Community Nippers Club Committee