Age Managers

Age Managers, the ones that make Nippers come to life:

An Age Manager takes responsibility for the care, safety, wellbeing and development of junior surf lifesavers in their care. That responsibility involves facilitating the development of surf lifesaving skills (movement skills, surf awareness, etc.) and personal skills (eg. confidence, teamwork, leadership, etc). Age Managers play a fundamental role in the delivery of a learning program that encourages and develops young surf lifesavers. (SLSA Age guide, 2013)

Please consider becoming an Age Manager.  We need all the help we can get on the beach to run the various age groups, and it’s up to parents to lend a hand. The Bay and Basin Community Nipper Club aims to have at least 2 age managers per age group.

Age Managers need to be financial members and complete the one off Age Manager training. All Age Managers receive on going support to help them with their groups in the form of Age Guides that contain lesson plans, activities and games, access to specialists in specific skill sets and the Age Manager coordinator. You are not alone!!

Age Managers must also complete a Working With Children Check for volunteers. There is no cost involved and the process consists of;

  • visit and apply online
  • Visit Services NSW to verify identification
  • Receive WWCC number
  • Notify club by emailing WWCC number to

As an Age Manager you are in a position to have a profound, positive influence on the youth in our community. Providing the opportunity to have fun and gain important skills that could, one day save their own life or the life of another.

Age Manager Training:

  • A One day face to face session incorporating classroom session and beach session.

Learning outcomes;

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the age manager
  • Develop strategies to work with children, parents and club administrators
  • Manage risks in the beach environment
  • Cater for the physical, emotional and social development of juniors
  • Safely conduct training sessions ensuring fun and participation through games and activities
  • Utilise a range of communication, teaching and behaviour management strategies to help juniors learn basic skills.

Interested in joining the team??